Make America Friendly Again

"Donald ıs my frıend..." -a Jew, a mexıcan and a muslım


Get yourself a Human Friendly ID. They are made of tolerance, love and some paper.

#GetHumanFriendlyID is an anti-discriminatory & charity project, "inspired" by Donald Trump’s Nazi-eque ideas on how to “Make America Great”, remastered by a Jew, a Mexican and a Muslim from Brooklyn who have a different idea of what “great” is.

With your “HUMAN FRIENDLY ID you can show your support to MUSLIMS, MEXICANS, ASIANS AND ALL OTHER PROUD CITIZENS  who peacefully live in the United States of America.

Human Friendly ID, also brings special benefits & discounts to those who have it, not to mention social awareness, understanding, unity, and love amongst other things.

Human Friendly ID is a social experiment that invites everybody, to think about the true meaning of “Tolerance”, “Peace” and “Love”.

This is an open invitation to all individuals who wants to take action. If you are an artist, writer, designer coder, developer, singer, musician, a venue owner please feel free to join us, we need you.

‘They’re not coming to this country if I’m president’
— D. Trump

Get a Human friendly Id

  1. Donate a Dollar *or more to or any other charity.
  2. Complete the form. 
  3. Check your e-mail to download your new Human Friendly ID.
  4. It'll look better than your driver's license so, please share it with the hashtag #GetHumanFriendly
  5. Save it as a picture on your phone. 
  6. Or print it.
  7. Start to get discounts at participating places.
  8. Tell your friends & spread the love, tolerance and peace.   

We aim to create "one mıllion IDs", please help us to reach our goal.

If you are a business owner, download the posters and help share the love. 

Name *

*Donations of $50 or more can receive an actual printed ID delivered in their mail. Please get in touch with us if you want one. 


If you are an artist, writer, designer, coder, developer, singer, musician, YouTuber or blogger please feel free to share your ideas with us. This is an open project to all who wants to contribute.

If you are business owner, show everyone that you have a huge welcoming heart. 

Invite all Human Friendly ID holders to shop at your business, where they can expect hugs, smiles and discounts. To spread the message, download a signage or a digital poster, print them out and display them on your windows. We promise they will look absolutely amazing.   


  • Show us your Human Friendly ID and get a free shot.
  • Show us your Human Friendly ID and get %5 discount.
  • Show us your Human Friendly ID and get %___ discount.
  • With Human Friendly ID Happy Hour is all day, everyday.  


Share the love while promoting your business